On-site Services


Hear what our clients have to say: 

"It has been a true pleasure working with Greg and the Drive by Press team over the past year.  We came to them with a challenge - to bring our new woodcut brand campaign to life – and they not only met our challenge, but delivered above and beyond our expectations. "

- Leslie McDonough, ( Marketing Manager at Duvel Moortgat USA )

"Drive By Press delivers a truly unique approach to their creative process and the end result never fails to amaze.  I have worked with Drive By Press for almost ten years.  Every experience I have had with them from T-Shirts to large scale activations has impressed my clients and myself.  Every opportunity that I have to incorporate their work into our programs I do. "

- Joe Lucchese, ( Founder Pro-Ject, & EventJoe )  

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About Drive By Press On-site Services 

Drive by Press is a nationally based company operating nationwide,  that has been redefining promotional apparel and connecting brands with their customers for 10 years. From indie rock concerts, to corporate events, music festivals, international art fairs, and hundreds of universities, we’ve been there and made our mark!

Drive by Press Talent

Drive By Press’ approach is truly innovative. Each design is hand cut into a piece of wood then custom printed on site. Participants are invited to collaborate with the artists in the selection and placement of the design, creating a one of a kind garment printed especially for them! Drive By Press is the only operation in the country using this printing method and are truly “one of a kind” apparel printers. Each guest will walk away with a unique collaboration and experience they will wear and share for years to come.



Where We Work

Drive by Press is located in New York City, and has a crew working in Los Angeles as well. Need more? We are travel-ready with mobile operations in Austin, TX, and Minneapolis MN and able to be anywhere you need us.


The Drive by Press Story

Drive by Press was created in 2005 when two artist and print-makers, Gregory Nanney and Joseph Velasquez, met in graduate school and made it their mission to share their enthusiasm for printmaking with audiences everywhere. Before they could start, the two artists sold their art, pawned their guitars, amps, and all else but their souls in order to buy their printing press. They loaded the 600 pound 14th century style machine in the back of their vehicle and took off across the country and have been on the road ever since. Dubbed kings of DIY printmaking, the duo have now worked over 500 events and traveled over 450,000 miles spreading ink and their style of guerilla art-making at events across America.