Creative Workshops

Drive by Press Workshops and Events. 

Drive by Press has harnessed its 10+ years of experience in fine arts teaching and event printing all across America to create a series of creative workshops and events designed for creative professionals across all industries. This workshop is a perfect way for your team to get out of the office and relax in a fun creative environment. Drive by Press offers a variety of customized creative team building workshops. The workshops are hosted at The Shop by DBP, our new printmaking studio and show space located in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn. 

DBP workshops are no fuss, we do everything from set-up to clean-up! All you have to do is bring your creative spirit with you. Workshops range from 90 minutes up to 6 hours. We work with you to tailor the projects to fit your goals and skill level. 

What you'll walk away with: 

1. A fun experience in a low key educational and engaging studio environment.  
2. A one-of-a-kind t-shirt and color print on paper - Made by You!!! 
3. Complimentary beers or beverage during our happy hour sponsored by Duvel.
4. Sharable original creative content that can be used for your promotional marketing 


  1. To teach collaborative team work in a studio environment
  2. To facilitate better collaboration by creating an activity that engages everyone's creative curiosity and encourages communication. 
  3. To create connections between co-workers, by pushing their creative comfort zones and immersing them in a captivating fine art process. 

What we seek to build with our process: 





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