Academic Tours

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Who we are:

Drive by Press was created to educate and share the contemporary practice of printmaking with students and art audiences across America. 

DBP loves the opportunity to share the prints, techniques, artists, and stories from the road with students. We also offer individual critiques as well as information about graduate programs for the students who are interested in an M.F.A. 


- To enable students to gain an understanding of printmaking today, as well as the themes and subject matter used by contemporary artists. 
- To familiarize students with the most popular and most recognizable works from print history. 
- To expose the students to the origins and evolution of printmaking technology from the earliest woodcuts to the contemporary fine art print publishing. 

Demonstrations:  A variety of demonstrations including techniques in:

   - Woodcut - including multi-color techniques. 
   - Serigraphy
   - Etching
   - Lithography


  • History of Drive by Press (Lecture in the history and travel from the road)
  • History of Western Printmaking (Lecture from 1400- today)
  • Current trends and practices in contemporary printmaking
  • The road to Graduate School: Things to know before you go, resources, and Q & A 

Drive by Press is Unique

  DBP has amassed the largest known collection of contemporary prints from artists across the country! The goal for this collection is to serve as teaching aid during visits to show contemporary examples printmaking in America. DBP has visited over 450 Universities, Art Academy's, and schools, traveling over 450,000 miles!  

Our Visit:

 DBP is solely funded by visiting artist honorariums and the sales of prints and the printing of woodblocks on t-shirts. Typically the printing operation is set up in front of the art departments, the day after the lectures and presentations. 

Professor Testimonials : 

"All of us are so grateful for your time and energy in creating what was one of the best Print Workshops we have ever had. You have left an indelible mark on the Hartford Art School. Please tell Taylor he is a Vanderstar." Jenni Friedman, Professor, Hartford School of Art, CT. 

"Everyone was jazzed about having you on campus yesterday! They continued to talk about it after they got their t-shirts. I’m so glad you could come!" - Alisa Golden, Assistant Professor, California College of Art, Oakland CA 

"It was great to have you back again and I hope we can do it again next year. The students absolutely love it and the downtown community has come to expect it. Your visit always gives an energetic boost to the start of each academic year and I have noticed steady improvement in the quality of our printmaking since DBP started coming here." - Matthew Clay-Robison - York College Gallery Director , York PA